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I had the Lasagna Pie and it was really yummy. Fresh, rich flavor, nice moist and flaky pie crust. yummm



My name is Beans of the North East. Today, I found a pie on a little ledge outside of the Hawthorne Freddy’s and thought it was from some kind of nonprofit that leaves pie around town for homeless people to take. I felt bad at first, but I was mildly hungry and very moneyless. I slipped it into my coat pocket, and there it stayed while I performed at the Hawthorne Theater with my band, Yhadigh. If you know who we are, you were probably one of the many fans in the crowd this evening. I think I counted five of you, but the lights were in my eyes, so who knows. Anyway, on the walk home from the theater, after my front bike tire popped, my phone died and it resumed raining, I figured the chocolate pie would cheer me up. But I also figured it could be poisoned, so I didn’t eat it. I ended up calling our good friend Ed and leaving a message. He called me back immediately and explained that he had delivered the very pie I was holding to a guy outside of Powell’s earlier that day. If you are that guy, thanks for forgetting/discarding your pie. It tastes amazing! If you aren’t that guy, I highly recommend Pie to the People for all your pie needs. I also recommend eating food that you find laying around suspiciously. Then again, It might have been poisoned after all and I may not wake up tomorrow. Regardless, it was a great pie. Thanks Ed!
Beans, NEP

IMG_0516This is the Choco-coco-date Supreme. My celiac boyfriend has a huge sweet tooth, and this was the best pie he’s tasted in years! The chocolate is so light and silky smooth, creamy texture and the crust is to die for. He says the amazing flavors made it really good and it’s the kind of treat that will put a smile on his face. So good. The crust was ground up perfectly. Get yours at the People’s Co-op, or sign up for monthly delivery (it’s real, and as amazing as it sounds).
Jules Rogers, Portland

I am one of the crew members working on the TV show “Portlandia,” and Pie to the People was kind enough to provide some wonderful pies for us a few weeks back. It was a great treat to have on set! The Chicken Pot Pie and Key Lime Delight were the biggest hits.
Peter Falanga, United States

Pie to the People made and delivered several pies for our recent holiday celebration and they were downright delicious! Working with Ed was a genuine pleasure. You can tell this guy is passionate about his pie! He was easy to work with and very accommodating. Our guests raved about the meal and we got to spend time visiting with family and friends instead of worrying about pesky pie crusts and fussy fillings. We would highly recommend Pie to the People to anyone who is looking to have their pie and eat it too 🙂 The only drawback: No leftovers!

Kirsten and Dan Kaufman

Pie to the People delivered some delicious pies to the Solar Oregon Board Retreat. They were the best tasting pies I’ve tasted this side of the Atlantic!

Gordy Molitor
Solar Oregon Board Member
Gordy Molitor, Portland

Ed, the 3 Sisters pie I ate the other day was PHENOMENAL! I baked it up and settled myself down in front of the computer to do some work while eating, but the pie demanded my complete attention. The crust is superb, and the filling of corn, beans, and squash simple and delicious (the gooey cheese did not hurt, either). I put a little salsa on it, and ate with the attentiveness of a puppy. Thank you and I wish you all the best!
Leslie Beia, Portland, OR

I love being handed pies by random people.

Overall, the cherry was a great pie. I’ve never had a crust that I didn’t need a drink of water after tasting, but this crust was moist. The cherries were wonderful. The top was a bit too thick, the bottom a bit too thin, so I had to turn it over, and there was more lemon juice than my palette was comfortable with, I feel it was overwhelming the cherries. But even at that it was one of the best.
John Netherton, That alley behind People’s Food Co-op

I can tell what kind of love goes into making these pies delicious- not only from their addicting high quality scrumptiousness, but also from the kindness and sincerity of my interactions with the baker himself. Every single time I enjoy even a portion of these precious pies (which is every week at the People’s Market!), it feels like getting a hug from the inside 😀 Thanks, Ed!
Melissa Joy, McMinnville, OR

I came all the way from Montana to get one of these pies! Not really, but I had heard about them and did make the effort to get a hold of Ed. It was so worth all the phone tag. He gave us two pies to try; the peanut butter chocolate and the key lime. Both were great, but surprisingly, I like the peanut butter chocolate the best. Ed is a good baker and a really nice guy to boot.
Laura Lanfear, Hot Springs, MT

I have never been a huge fan of chicken pot pies, so when I was gifted this pie I was like great, a pie. Then the pie started to call my name (I was hungry) so I followed the baking directions and I ate the best chicken pot pie ever. Tasted so good that I would like to have at least 2-3 on stand by.
Falcon, United States

The Three Sisters and their

The Three Sisters and their Friend Kale pie is the best pie I have ever eaten in my life, whether sweet, savory, homemade, Parisian, WHATEVER!!! The balance of ingredients is delectable, the crust, transcendent. I am going to subscribe. My life depends on it.

Christy B.

Christy B.

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