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Check out our photos from Victor Bloomfield

A very nice man, Victor Bloomfield, came and visited us at the kitchen to snap some photos for his blog about vendors at People’s Co-op Farmers Market. Check them out here

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Albina Community Bank

I bank here and have had an account with Albina Community Bank for 16 years or so. I love my bank for lots of reasons. This month I got to be the highlighted business on the cork board in the

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The Dutch

So this summer I was at People’s Co-op (Portlands Best Farmers Market) and we were having a good day.  It was beautiful and many people were around.  I struck up a conversation with a man and quickly deduced he was

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Portlandia! Really!

Ok, so I buy back the pies that don’t sell in the grocery stores for lots of reasons.  Mostly so I have control over where they go if they don’t sell.  Many a cardboard sign holding human has had surprise

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We do everything but the dishes!

Pie to the People!  Alright,  since my last post I have made thousands of pies!  Really I have, or at least I’ve bought thousands of bags in which to package the pies.  In the last two years I have sold

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Holiday Cheer

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Well, Monday night I sampled some mini pies down to the Landmark Saloon!  Folks all said they liked it, but so far no one has emailed.  It was a great night though, listening to the dulcet sounds of Leslie Beia

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Photos of pie distribution on May Day

We went to the people. We brought pie. This is what it looked like.

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May Day! May Day!

Alright, here goes. Today I would like to announce the soft launch of “Pie to the people!” I am going to prepare a couple of pies, slice them up, and deliver them around town tomorrow with some information and some

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