Portlandia! Really!

Ok, so I buy back the pies that don’t sell in the grocery stores for lots of reasons.  Mostly so I have control over where they go if they don’t sell.  Many a cardboard sign holding human has had surprise pies emerge from the back of my nondescript delivery vehicle.  But since i do the buybacks, I often am driving around with more pies than I know what to do with.  Well, one day, in the not too distant past. I was driving away from Peoples Co-op (in my opinion the best co-op grocery) with a cooler full of pies.  And what did I see but an obvious filming sight.  Maybe you’ve seen them, whole blocks taken up by giant trucks, all with their back gates lifted wide.  Its just really obvious that something is going on, and I’ve always wondered if I couldn’t sell pies in their craft vehicles, which they all have and is kind of like a cafeteria on wheels.  So I pull over, and grab a couple a handfuls of pie and walk over to one of the open trucks where there is a blonde man talking with two ladies about very important stuff.  I interrupt, “Sorry to interrupt, but I wonder if I couldn’t sell some pies to your food truck”, to which the man replies, “You ladies are busy, I’ll give him the schpiel” and they go on about their business.  He looks apologetic, “We are a tiny TV show, we don’t really have a budget for buying stuff like that, people usually just give us things.  So why I don’t think we could use your pies in our craft truck, you could probably get them onto the show.”  This was good news, so I said, “To be honest, I have no idea what show this is.”  He said, “Its a little show called Portlandia”  Wow.  I was a little shocked, but I said, “Yeah, I’m a fan”  He went on to tell me that they are having a Bar-B-Q episode and they could use 5 family size pies!  So the episode comes out in season 5.  I think its episode 2, and it should be airing in February.  Maybe I’ll have a party.  Below is one of the pies, the first picture is pre-baked!

IMG_0137 IMG_0144

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