We do everything but the dishes!

Pie to the People!  Alright,  since my last post I have made thousands of pies!  Really I have, or at least I’ve bought thousands of bags in which to package the pies.  In the last two years I have sold pies in several stores, but they just don’t sell enough to make it worthwhile.  Just last week I got the word from two, yes TWO STORES, that my pies aren’t selling enough and they need the space in their grab-n-go.  Well, I’ve given this a lot of thought and you know what?  Wholesale department…FIRED!  Grocery stores (with the exception of the two wonderful stores that still carry my product) WHO NEEDS EM?  We will keep the final two stores, but for now the focus is going to be on bringing the pies directly to the people!  I have a secret business selling quiche that is actually the hero of my pie story.  Without our quiche sales, Pie to the People would have become a delicious memory long ago.

So I am expanding the quiche business and focusing on direct sales.  Would you like to sign up for a subscription?  Tired of coming home after a long day of work only to clock in on another shift, fry cook for the hungry masses!  How simple life could be.  You could have a frozen pie waiting in your freezer, made with love from organic ingredients, dinner in just under an hour.   Better yet, you could have a fresh pie in the refrigerator, dinner in just 15 minutes.  Let Pie to the People take care of the shopping, the prep work, the cooking, and the delivery.  We do everything but the dishes!  Pies available in single serving or family size!


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